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        Modular decomposition of undirected graphs [1]
        Monitoring and characterizing application service availability [1]
        Motion segmentation for feature association [1]
        Multi-criteria analysis in modern information management [1]
        Multi-level code comprehension model for large scale software, A [1]
        Multilevel secure data stream management system [1]
        Multimedia transmission rules and encrypted audio and video traffic identification algorithm implemented in P4 [1]
        Multimodal agents for cooperative interaction [1]
        Near real-time processing of voluminous, high-velocity data streams for continuous sensing environments [1]
        On approximating transitivity and tractability of graphs [1]
        On component-oriented access control in lightweight virtualized server environments [1]
        On designing large, secure and resilient networked systems [1]
        On the design of a moving target defense framework for the resiliency of critical services in large distributed networks [1]
        On the design of a secure and anonymous publish-subscribe system [1]
        On the evaluation of exact-match and range queries over multidimensional data in distributed hash tables [1]
        On the role of topology in autonomously coping with failures in content dissemination systems [1]
        On the support for heterogeneous languages in cloud runtimes [1]
        On the use of locality aware distributed hash tables for homology searches over voluminous biological sequence data [1]
        One-shot learning with pretrained convolutional neural network [1]
        P300 classification using deep belief nets [1]