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        Machine learned boundary definitions for an expert's tracing assistant in image processing [1]
        Machine learning models applied to storm nowcasting [1]
        Machine learning models towards elucidating the plant intron retention code [1]
        Machine learning-based fusion studies of rainfall estimation from spaceborne and ground-based radars [1]
        Management of internet-based service quality [1]
        Measuring named data networks [1]
        Meta-modeling approach to specifying patterns, A [1]
        Methodology for automated lookup table optimization of scientific applications, A [1]
        Mitigating the effect of coincidental correctness in spectrum based fault localization [1]
        Model for predicting the performance of sparse matrix vector multiply (SpMV) using memory bandwidth requirements and data locality, A [1]
        Modeling and querying uncertain data for activity recognition systems using PostgreSQL [1]
        Modular decomposition of undirected graphs [1]
        Monitoring and characterizing application service availability [1]
        Motion segmentation for feature association [1]
        Multi-criteria analysis in modern information management [1]
        Multi-level code comprehension model for large scale software, A [1]
        Multilevel secure data stream management system [1]
        Multimedia transmission rules and encrypted audio and video traffic identification algorithm implemented in P4 [1]
        Multimodal agents for cooperative interaction [1]
        Near real-time processing of voluminous, high-velocity data streams for continuous sensing environments [1]