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        Access control framework for mobile applications, An [1]
        Access control models for pervasive computing environments [1]
        Accurate prediction of protein function using GOstruct [1]
        Achieving high-throughput distributed, graph-based multi-stage stream processing [1]
        Adapting RGB pose estimation to new domains [1]
        Adaptive spatiotemporal data integration using distributed query relaxation over heterogeneous observational datasets [1]
        Algorithm for modular decomposition based on multiplexes, An [1]
        Algorithmic implementation of expert object recognition in ventral visual pathway, An [1]
        AlphaZ Verifier, The [1]
        Analysis of combinatorial search spaces for a class of NP-hard problems, An [1]
        Analysis of grating cell features for texture discrimination, An [1]
        Analytical cost metrics: days of future past [1]
        Aperture: a system for interactive visualization of voluminous geospatial data [1]
        Application of social networking algorithms in program analysis: understanding execution frequencies [1]
        Applications of simulation in the evaluation of SCADA and ICS security [1]
        Applying static code analysis to firewall policies for the purpose of anomaly detection [1]
        Approach for testing the extract-transform-load process in data warehouse systems, An [1]
        aPPRove: an HMM-based method for accurate prediction of RNA-pentatricopeptide repeat protein binding events [1]
        Aspect-based approach to modeling access control policies, An [1]
        Assessing usability of full-body immersion in an interactive virtual reality environment [1]