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        P300 classification using deep belief nets [1]
        Parameterized and multi-level tiled loop generation [1]
        Parametric classification of directed acyclic graphs, A [1]
        Performance evaluation of local features for object discovery [1]
        Performance evaluation of the coupling infrastructure within the Community Earth System Model™, A [1]
        PersoSys: a user-defined gestural interface for personalized interaction [1]
        Policy optimization for industrial benchmark using deep reinforcement learning [1]
        Practical aspects of designing and developing a multimodal embodied agent [1]
        Prediction based scaling in a distributed stream processing cluster [1]
        Preservation of low latency service request processing in dockerized microservice architectures [1]
        Privacy preserving linkage and sharing of sensitive data [1]
        Proactive extraction of IoT device capabilities for security applications [1]
        Protecting critical services from DDoS attacks [1]
        Protein interface prediction using graph convolutional networks [1]
        Quality assessment of docked protein interfaces using 3D convolution [1]
        Quantifying the security risk of discovering and exploiting software vulnerabilities [1]
        Quantitative analyses of software vulnerabilities [1]
        Quantitative economics of security: software vulnerabilities and data breaches [1]
        Questionnaire integration system based on question classification and short text semantic textual similarity, A [1]
        Random generation of valid object configurations for testing object-oriented programs [1]