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        Identification and characterization of super-spreaders from voluminous epidemiology data [1]
        Identification of regular patterns within sparse data structures [1]
        IEGen: semi-automatic generation of inspectors and executors [1]
        Image feature associations via local semantic structure [1]
        Impact of referent display on interaction proposals during multimodal elicitation studies, The [1]
        Implications of storage subsystem interactions on processing efficiency in data intensive computing [1]
        Improving gesture recognition through spatial focus of attention [1]
        Integrated method for improving testing effectiveness and efficiency, An [1]
        Integration of task-attribute based access control model for mobile workflow authorization and management [1]
        Isomorphisms in co-TT graphs [1]
        Large margin methods for partner specific prediction of interfaces in protein complexes [1]
        Large-scale automated protein function prediction [1]
        Leveraging ensembles: balancing timeliness and accuracy for model training over voluminous datasets [1]
        Leveraging expression and network data for protein function prediction [1]
        Leveraging stream processing engines in support of physiological data processing [1]
        Leveraging structural-context similarity of Wikipedia links to predict twitter user locations [1]
        Locality-aware scientific workflow engine for fast-evolving spatiotemporal sensor data, A [1]
        Looking under the hood: visualizing what LSTMs learn [1]
        Low-latency, query-driven analytics over voluminous multidimensional, spatiotemporal datasets [1]
        Machine learned boundary definitions for an expert's tracing assistant in image processing [1]