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        Face detection using correlation filters [1]
        Faster graph algorithms via switching classes [1]
        Framework for real-time, autonomous anomaly detection over voluminous time-series geospatial data streams, A [1]
        From RNA-Seq to gene annotation using the splicegrapher method [1]
        Future of networking is the future of Big Data, The [1]
        Garbage elimination in SA-C host code [1]
        Generalized full sparse tiling of loop chains [1]
        Generalized partition crossover for the traveling salesman problem [1]
        Generative topographic mapping of electroencephalography (EEG) data [1]
        GeoLens: enabling interactive visual analytics over large-scale, multidimensional geospatial datasets [1]
        Geometric methods on special manifolds for visual recognition [1]
        GPU accelerated RNA-RNA interaction program, A [1]
        Hermes - scalable real-time BGP broker with routing streams integration [1]
        Heuristic-based approach to automatically extract personalized attack graph related concepts from vulnerability descriptions, A [1]
        Hierarchical cluster guided labeling: efficient label collection for visual classification [1]
        Horizontal scaling of video conferencing applications in virtualized environments [1]
        Hybrid model checking approach to analysing rule conformance applied to HIPAA privacy rules, A [1]
        Identification and characterization of super-spreaders from voluminous epidemiology data [1]
        Identification of regular patterns within sparse data structures [1]
        IEGen: semi-automatic generation of inspectors and executors [1]