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        Echo state model of non-Markovian reinforcement learning, An [1]
        EEG subspace analysis and classification using principal angles for brain-computer interfaces [1]
        Electroencephalogram classification by forecasting with recurrent neural networks [1]
        Empathic avatar in task-driven human-computer interaction, An [1]
        Empirical comparison of four Java-based regression test selection techniques, An [1]
        Empirical modeling and analysis of local search algorithms for the job-shop scheduling problem [1]
        Enabling autoscaling for in-memory storage in cluster computing framework [1]
        Enhancing space and time efficiency of genomics in practice through sophisticated applications of the FM-Index [1]
        Enzyme selection for optical mapping is hard [1]
        Error correcting optical mapping data [1]
        Essential competencies of exceptional professional software engineers [1]
        Evaluating cluster quality for visual data [1]
        Evaluating soft biometrics in the context of face recognition [1]
        Evaluating the performance of iPhoto facial recognition at the biometric verification task [1]
        Exploring the impact of belonging on computer science enrollment using virtual reality [1]
        Exploring user-defined gestures for alternate interaction space for smartphones and smartwatches [1]
        Face detection using correlation filters [1]
        Faster graph algorithms via switching classes [1]
        Framework for real-time, autonomous anomaly detection over voluminous time-series geospatial data streams, A [1]
        From RNA-Seq to gene annotation using the splicegrapher method [1]