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        Characterizing the visible address space to enable efficient continuous IP geolocation [1]
        Classification ensemble methods for mitigating concept drift within online data streams [1]
        Classification using out of sample testing of neural networks and Siamese-like neural network for handwritten characters [1]
        Code generation in AlphaZ [1]
        Comparative analysis of alternative splicing in A. Thaliana and C. Reinhardtii, A [1]
        Comparison of EEG preprocessing methods to improve the performance of the P300 speller [1]
        Compiling dataflow graphs into hardware [1]
        Comprehensive compendium of Arabidopsis RNA-seq data, A [1]
        Computer vision algorithm to extract color data of pixels in microfluidic paper based analytical devices [1]
        Consistent hidden Markov models [1]
        Constructing subtle higher order mutants from Java and AspectJ programs [1]
        Convolutional neural networks for EEG signal classification in asynchronous brain-computer interfaces [1]
        Counting with convolutional neural networks [1]
        Demonstrating that dataset domains are largely linearly separable in the feature space of common CNNs [1]
        Design and evaluation of the FAMILIAR tool [1]
        Detecting advanced botnets in enterprise networks [1]
        Detecting error related negativity using EEG potentials generated during simulated brain computer interaction [1]
        Detection of linear algebra operations in polyhedral programs [1]
        Determining disease outbreak influence from voluminous epidemiology data on enhanced distributed graph-parallel system [1]
        Digital signatures to ensure the authenticity and integrity of synthetic DNA molecules [1]