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        Canine lymphoma case control database [1]
        Cannabidiol induces apoptosis and perturbs mitochondrial function in canine and human glioma cells [1]
        Cartilage repair using trypsin enzymatic pretreatment combined with growth-factor functionalized self-assembling peptide hydrogel [1]
        Clinical, clinicopathologic, histopathologic and immunohistochemical features of dogs with chronic enteropathy with and without concurrent protein-losing enteropathy: focus on the intestinal lymphatic vasculature [1]
        Coagulation abnormalities in Ehrlichia canis-infected dogs and detection and dynamics of anti-platelet antibodies in thrombocytopenic dogs [1]
        Comparison of NK-1 receptor antagonist (Maropitant) to morphine as a preanaesthetic agent for canine ovariohysterectomy [1]
        Construction and evaluation of epidemiologic simulation models for the within- and among-unit spread and control of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry [1]
        Culture-expanded articular chondrocytes: a potential cellular therapeutic for osteoarthritis with MSC-like properties [1]
        Dairy cow mortality [1]
        Dairy management decisions utilizing available evidence and information [1]
        Database used for creation of antimicrobial resistance and virulence bait-capture panel [1]
        Development and application of new diagnostic assays for the detection of Bartonella henselae infection in cats [1]
        Development of an ex vivo pulsatile heart model of functional mitral regurgitation to facilitate posterior papillary muscle geometric studies and subvalvular surgical strategy [1]
        Development of an in vitro model of functional mitral valve regurgitation [1]
        Dietary modulation of canine metabolism for obesity management and cancer risk reduction [1]
        Do mesenchymal stromal cells abrogate the immune response in massive cortical allograft recipients? [1]
        Dog demography and population estimates for rabies control in Bali, Indonesia [1]
        Effects of dexamethasone and oxidative environment on chondrogenesis of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells [1]
        Epidemiological, physiological and genetic risk factors associated with congestive heart failure and mean pulmonary arterial pressure in cattle [1]
        Epidemiology and prevention of Salmonella enterica in veterinary hospitals [1]