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        Characterization of chromatin remodeling in mesenchymal stem cells on the application of oxidative stress [1]
        Characterization of the unique biomechanical behavior of right ventricle using experimental and constitutive modeling approaches [1]
        Clinical importance of autophagy dependency and inhibition in cancer treatment [1]
        Compartmentalization of membrane proteins by the actin cytoskeleton [1]
        Computational approaches to predict drug response to cytotoxic chemotherapy [1]
        Constitutive modeling of the biaxial mechanics of brain white matter [1]
        Design and evaluation of an instrumented microfluidic organotypic device and sensor module for organ-on-a-chip applications [1]
        Design and fabrication of bioactive coatings to catalytically generate nitric oxide on the surfaces of extracorporeal circuits [1]
        Development of novel mechanical diagnostic techniques for early prediction of bone fracture healing outcome [1]
        Effects of walking speed on knee joint loading estimated via musculoskeletal modeling [1]
        Fabrication of natural and magnetic slippery surfaces [1]
        Influence of adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells on osteosarcoma minimal residual disease [1]
        Investigation of environmental factors on the intranuclear landscape of mesenchymal stromal cells [1]
        Modification of orthogonal tRNAs: unexpected consequences for sense codon reassignment [1]
        Molecular diagnostic platforms for point-of-need pathogen detection [1]
        Neural network security and optimization for single-person authentication using electroencephalogram data [1]
        Nitric oxide-releasing or generating surfaces for blood-contacting medical devices [1]
        Non-ionizing tomographic imaging modalities for bedside lung monitoring [1]
        Odor encoder: computational design of a novel allosteric enzyme activation system for providing enhanced olfactory abilities to trained odor detecting sentinel animals [1]
        Sensing via signal analysis, analytics, and cyberbiometric patterns [1]