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        Effect of rear wheel suspension on tilt-in-space wheelchair shock and vibration attenuation [1]
        Effect of repetition on force platform metrics during the bilateral bodyweight squat, The [1]
        Effects of prolonged standing on ground reaction force control and core muscle activation [1]
        Engineering a biomimetic periosteum on cortical bone allografts for the reconstruction of critical-sized bone defects in mice [1]
        Engineering complex liver models for drug screening and infectious diseases: a biomaterials and co-culture perspective [1]
        Engineering effective fibrocartilage replacement technologies using nanostructure-driven replication of soft tissue biomechanics in thermoplastic elastomer hydrogels [1]
        Engineering in vitro models of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease [1]
        Evaluating filtration membranes and detection systems for use with virus surrogates [1]
        Evaluation of nitric oxide releasing polymers for wound healing applications [1]
        Evaluation of osteogenic design factors in electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) nanofiber scaffolds [1]
        Force spectroscopy and dynamics in biological systems [1]
        Hemocompatibility of hyaluronan enhanced linear low-density polyethylene for heart valve leaflet applications [1]
        Hemocompatibility of polymeric materials for blood-contacting applications [1]
        Hyaluronic acid enhancement of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene for small diameter vascular grafts [1]
        Improving hydrophilicity of silicone elastomer by IPN formation with hyaluronan [1]
        In vivo efficacy of antibiotic-eluting phospholipid coated implants [1]
        Integrating discrete stochastic models with single-cell and single-molecule experiments [1]
        Interaction between membrane and protein properties on flux decline during sterile microfiltration [1]
        Investigating the osteogenic potential of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells through the use of DNA microarray technology and biomaterial nanotopography [1]
        Kinematic and kinetic analysis of canine pelvic limb amputees at a trot [1]