• Garden of the mind 

        Author(s):Wang, Yaw-Jun
        Date Submitted:1998
        Life is an ongoing process. My philosophy of life is based on a feeling of temporary presence. I don't seek immortality; instead, I desire a life of rural simplicity. For the past three years, I have experienced the unique ...
      • Bloom 

        Author(s):Carson, Jan
        Date Submitted:1998
        Butterfly Brown groundedness physicality passion Butterfly White awareness acceptance willingness Butterfly Blue longing humility gratitude In describing how I feel as a physical being, I draw from an experience of spiritual ...
      • Gone fishin' 

        Author(s):Aoyama, Hiroko
        Date Submitted:1998
        The characteristics of the art I create are strongly influenced by two strikingly different cultures of East and West. I was born, raised, and educated in Japan, but more than thirty years of my life have been spent in the ...
      • Rhythm of the forest and distant shores 

        Author(s):Jerman-Melka, Julie
        Date Submitted:1998
        This thesis explores the inspirations and passions which transform my ideas into physical forms. My thesis work is the integration of the visual, the tactile and my personal spiritual search through my experiences with ...
      • Recent prints: landscape and still-life 

        Author(s):Stack, Karin E.
        Date Submitted:1998
        My investigations of the landscape are tied to observation but equally informed by memory and imagination. I am fascinated by creating light, space, and illusion, however, these interests are countered by my interest in ...
      • Human nature 

        Author(s):Logsdon, Lola J.
        Date Submitted:1998
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      • Recent work: William R. Howard 

        Author(s):Howard, William R.
        Date Submitted:1998
        The work that I have accomplished during my graduate degree reflects an integration of traditional printmaking with some of the technological advancements in photography and computers. Although printmaking has not always ...