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        Angus cattle at high altitude: pulmonary arterial pressure, estimated breeding value and genome-wide association study [1]
        Application of biotechnology in agriculture: a bioinformatic and market analysis of novel intervention methods [1]
        Assessing the predictive value of dairy facial biometrics for measures of productivity, health, and social dominance [1]
        Assessment of rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMS) to characterize beef quality and the impact of oven temperature and relative humidity on beef [1]
        Association between patterns of body condition score during early lactation and conception rate in dairy cows [1]
        Attitudes and competencies of third year veterinary students towards their role as an animal welfare advocate and attitudes towards pain and pain mitigation practices in beef and dairy cattle in the United States by veterinarians and producers [1]
        Beef cattle maternal and terminal economic selection indices [1]
        Beef tenderness and management of calf-fed Holstein steers to meet market standards [1]
        Benchmark of lamb quality in U.S. retail and foodservice markets [1]
        Benchmarking animal handling outcomes and analyzing impacting factors on cow-calf operations [1]
        Calcium signaling genes in association with altitude-induced pulmonary hypertension in Angus cattle [1]
        Can DNA marker technology improve feedlot growth promotion management decisions to ultimately improve the consumer's beef eating experience? [1]
        Capabilities of rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry to predict lamb flavor and overview of feeding genetically modified grain to livestock [1]
        Carcass bruising location and bruise trim loss in finished steers, cows, and bulls at five commercial slaughter facilities [1]
        Cattle as partners in conservation: the effects of grazing on indicators of rangeland health [1]
        Characterization of pulmonary hypertension status and utilization of multi-omics analyses to discover variants that may inform selection against high mean pulmonary arterial pressure in Angus cattle [1]
        Characterization of the resistome and microbiome of retail meats processed from carcasses of conventionally and naturally raised cattle [1]
        Characterizing the microbiota and profiling small non-coding RNAs in the compartments of the equine hindgut [1]
        Chlorela sp.: lipid extracted algae utilization of algae biodiesel co-products as an alternative protein feed in animal production [1]
        Circulating micro RNA in insulin resistant horses [1]