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        San Luis Valley potato study [1]
        Selling local: campaigns to encourage local consumerism [1]
        September 2003 Livestock and wildlife disease report, no. 9 [1]
        September 2007 Economic development report, no. 21 [1]
        September 2007 Economic development report, no. 22 [1]
        September 2007 Economic development report, no. 23 [1]
        September 2008 Economic development report, no. 9 [1]
        Ski-tourism and the economy of Summit County, Colorado [1]
        Social networking and marketing for Colorado's agricultural producers [1]
        Some economic impacts of retiring wells in the three mile curtailment zone [1]
        Summarizing the community economic impact of the Public Lands Partnership, Delta and Montrose counties, Colorado [1]
        Summarizing the community economics of community forestry: Wallowa resources, Wallowa County, Oregon [1]
        Summary of a regional economic impact of a hypothetical foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in southwestern Kansas [1]
        Swine industry economics [1]
        Swine policy decision points [1]
        The 2002 census of agriculture: an overview of changes in U.S. and Colorado farm structure [1]
        The 2006 economic contribution of agritourism to Colorado: estimates from a survey of Colorado tourists [1]
        The 2012 Farm Bill's reach: unintended consequences of a failure to update or extend the 2008 Act [1]
        The Agricultural Act of 2014: comparison of 2008 and 2014 conservation programs [1]
        The Agricultural Act of 2014: conservation easement programs, the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) [1]