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        "A long way from Moscow": a collaborative project between archivists, librarians, and historians from the Steppes of Saratov Province and High Plains of Colorado [1]
        "Acclimate, don't agitate": cattle and horses with excitable temperaments must be introduced gradually to new experiences [1]
        "Are you feeling what I'm feeling?": an analysis of communication and emotional work of Korean social workers [1]
        "Biofilmomics": functional protein expression in biofilm biotechnologies revealed by quantitative proteomics [1]
        "Can we fix it?": Bob the Builder as a discursive resource for children [1]
        "Connections": graduating portfolio [1]
        "Destination Pine Ridge": a longitudinal case study of barriers to collaboration in culturally appropriate tourism initiatives [1]
        "Die at home": a contextualization and mapping of the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 [1]
        "Do you like my body?": an interpersonal approach to the growth of bikini competitors on YouTube [1]
        "Even machines get a rest": the commodification of the H-2A Indigenous sheepherder in Colorado's Western Slope [1]
        "Forest Ag": encouraging forest productivity [1]
        "Friends don't let friends fat talk": memorable messages and the impact of a narrative sharing and dissonance-based intervention on sorority affiliated peer health educators [1]
        "God makes use of feeble means sometimes, to bring about His most exalted purposes": faith and social action in the lives of evangelical women in antebellum America [1]
        "How-to" [1]
        "How-to" - detail 1 [1]
        "How-To" - detail 2 [1]
        "How-to" - detail 3 [1]
        "Hybrid hero" in western dime novels: an analysis of women's gender performance, dress, and identity in the Deadwood Dick series, The [1]
        "I am going to find a new fatherland": nationalism and German colonization societies in the frontier state of Missouri [1]
        "I feel, therefore I can be free": Black women and Chicana queer narratives as differential consciousness and foundational theory [1]