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        Blackfoot Challenge: better communities through cooperation [1]
        Building the foundation for successful collaboration and partnerships - "Hey .... you're not so bad pardner!" [1]
        Challenges, successes, and opportunities of rancher coalitions: the Blackfoot Challenge [1]
        Collaborative conservation in action: a real-time Colorado case study [1]
        Collaborative conservation in local landscapes [1]
        Collaborative conservation: the Washington County Growth and Conservation Act 2009 [1]
        Collaborative process tools: a variety of elements to build collaborative capacity [1]
        Ecosystem services: a way to bridge the gap [1]
        Intersection between local food and conservation from the local government's perspective, The [1]
        Introduction to a variety of collaborative process tools [1]
        Lessons learned from difficult collaborations: the northwest Colorado stewardship [1]
        Lessons learned in NWCOS: success and consensus in collaboration process [1]
        New beginnings in collaborative conservation [1]
        Online data management and training for collaborative conservation [1]
        Ranchers Stewardship Alliance: partnering for vibrant prairie communities [1]
        Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory: conserving birds and their habitats [1]
        Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory: raising awareness and opening doors for conserving birds and their habitats [1]
        Special considerations of resilience thinking applied to examples of collaborative conservation [1]
        Thomas Farm project: how a city jumps into agriculture and gets its feet not only wet but muddy!, The [1]
        Threats to western private forests [1]