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        12 Panel : "Now you've built it; will they come?" [PowerPoint presentation] [1]
        Active Sensing in an Urban Environment: Closing the Loop [1]
        Application-aware in-network service deployment for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) [1]
        Automatic generation of bit-vector analyses using OpenAnalysis [1]
        Brief introduction to : organizational learning, performance, & change, A [1]
        CC-NIE data-driven network infrastructure upgrade for Colorado State University (CSU) : NSF project summary [1]
        Committee findings and recommendation [1]
        For Your AMUSEment! : creating an online literary magazine to showcase student talent and achievement [1]
        Good Samaritan Mini: Urban Search and Rescue Robot [1]
        Good Samaritan Robotics User Interface Team [1]
        Integrating Multiple Knowledge Bases within Google Desktop [1]
        Integrating technology in the classroom : how technology can enhance social studies [1]
        ISTeC Data Management Committee : committee findings and recommendation [1]
        Measuring the robustness of resource allocations for distributed domputer systems in a stochastic dynamic environment [1]
        Model the system security risk by an Attack Tree [1]
        Opportunistic Downlink Scheduling for Multiuser OFDM Systems ; Opportunistic Downlink Scheduling for Multiuser Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems [1]
        Opportunistic Scheduling for Wireless Networks [1]
        Organizational learning, performance, & change [1]
        Portfolio Management using Partially Observable Markov Decision Process [1]
        Publishing your most important work [1]