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        15th annual Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Exposition proceedings [1]
        1996 Wetlands Seminar [1]
        2001 USCID Water Management Conference [1]
        Abstracts of USCID Irrigation District Specialty Conference [1]
        Abstracts, 2009 USCID Irrigation District Specialty Conference [1]
        Agricultural to urban water transfers in Colorado : an assessment of the issues and options [1]
        Agricultural urban environmental water sharing [1]
        Agricultural urban environmental water sharing strategies [1]
        Agricultural/urban/environmental water sharing : innovative strategies for the Colorado River basin and the West [1]
        Are increased acreages needed to meet domestic or world needs? : proceedings of the Symposium on Water Policies on U.S. Irrigated Agriculture : presented at 104th annual meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science, San Francisco, February 28, 1974 [1]
        Artificial aquifer recharge in the Colorado portion of the Ogallala Aquifer [1]
        Central Plains Irrigation conference and exposition proceedings [1]
        Central Plains Irrigation conference proceedings [3]
        Colorado Drought Conference : managing water supply and demand in the time of drought : conference proceedings, December 4, 2002 [1]
        Colorado Drought Workshops [1]
        Competing interests in water resources -- searching for consensus [1]
        CPIC proceedings 2009 [1]
        CPIC proceedings 2011 [1]
        Description of agriculture production and water transfers in the Colorado River basin [1]
        Economic aspects of cost-sharing arrangements for federal irrigation projects : a case study [1]