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        Reclamation : 1973 and the Future. Remarks at the Twenty-Seventh Annual Nevada Water Conference. Carson City, Nevada [1]
        Reclamation and the Energy Crisis. Remarks at the Western Energy Congress. Wenatchee, Washington [1]
        Reclamation and the League Today. Remarks at the Columbia Basin Development League. Pasco, Washington [1]
        Reclamation Overview of the National Water Commission Report. Remarks at the California Water Resource Association. Coronado, California [1]
        Reclamation's Challenge. Remarks at the Reclamation's Water and Land Supervisors Conference [1]
        Reclamation's Expanding Horizons. Remarks to the Oregon Reclamation Congress. Klamath Falls, Oregon [1]
        Reclamation's Future : 1974 and Beyond. Remarks at the Construction Engineers Workshop. Denver, Colorado [1]
        Reclamation's Future. Remarks at the Final General Session National Water Resources Association Convention. Phoenix, Arizona [1]
        Reclamation's Many Faceted Program. Remarks at the Fifth Annual Klamath Basin Natural Resources Seminar [1]
        Recreation : Its Place in Irrigation Development, Present and Future. Remarks to the Tenth Annual Irrigation Operators Conference. Boise, Idaho [1]
        Regional Development of the Waters of the Colorado River through Interbasin Diversions [1]
        Remarks at a meeting of the California Water Resources Association. San Francisco, California [1]
        Remarks at a Panel Discussion on Energy Development Impact on Water Resources Interstate Conference on Water Problems. Las Vegas, Nevada [1]
        Remarks at an Auburn Dam Committee Luncheon. Auburn, California [1]
        Remarks at ceremonies marking the incorporation of Page, Arizona [1]
        Remarks at IWY Ceremony Honoring Pauline Wong as Woman of the Month. Washington, D.C [1]
        Remarks at the Annual Convention of the Colorado Cattleman's Association [1]
        Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the Colorado River Water Users Association. Las Vegas, Nevada [1]
        Remarks at the Annual NWRA Convention. Portland, Oregon [1]
        Remarks at the Associated General Contractors Bureau of Reclamation Committee Meeting Denver, Colorado [1]