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        Opening remarks at the Denver program conference, Denver, Colorado [1]
        Opening remarks at the meeting with the Arizona Interstate Stream Commission and members of its advisory board [1]
        Opening remarks before the Senate and House subcommittees on fiscal year 1976 [1]
        Organizational management and water user relationships of the Bureau of Reclamation: remarks at the first annual region two water users conference, Sacramento, California [1]
        Platoro Dam [1]
        Presentation to the joint hearings of the California Assembly Committee on Water Three [1]
        Proposals [1]
        Pueblo Reservoir [1]
        Questions and answers for a hearing on the failure of the Teton Dam [1]
        Reclamation and the energy crisis: remarks at the western energy congress, Wenatchee, Washington [1]
        Reclamation and the League today: remarks at the Columbia Basin Development League, Pasco, Washington [1]
        Reclamation overview of the National Water Commission report: remarks at the California Water Resource Association, Coronado, California [1]
        Reclamation's challenge: remarks at the Reclamation's water and land supervisors conference [1]
        Reclamation's expanding horizons: remarks to the Oregon reclamation congress, Klamath Falls, Oregon [1]
        Reclamation's future: 1974 and beyond: remarks at the construction engineers workshop, Denver, Colorado [1]
        Reclamation's future: remarks at the final general session National Water Resources Association convention, Phoenix, Arizona [1]
        Reclamation's many faceted program: remarks at the fifth annual Klamath basin natural resources seminar [1]
        Reclamation: 1973 and the future: remarks at the twenty-seventh annual Nevada water conference, Carson City, Nevada [1]
        Recreation: its place in irrigation development, present and future: remarks to the tenth annual irrigation operators conference, Boise, Idaho [1]
        Regional development of the waters of the Colorado River through interbasin diversions [1]