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        Ecology-Environment : Old Hat on the Garrison Diversion Unit. Remarks at the Joint Convention of N.D. Water Users and Water Management District. Bismarck, North Dakota [1]
        Economics of Desalination. Remarks to the Sixty-Third Annual Conference of the County Assessors of California. Yosemite National Park, California, The [1]
        El Vado Dam [1]
        Environmental Extremism : Who Bears the Cost? Remarks at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference. Disneyland, California [1]
        Estuarine Management in Western United States. Remarks at the Second Symposium on Development of Deltaic Areas. Tokyo, Japan [1]
        Ever-Changing Colorado River Basin. Remarks at the Colorado River Water Users Association. Las Vegas, Nevada, The [1]
        Expanding Federal Reclamation Program. Remarks at the Meeting of the American Water Resources Association. Washington, D.C., An [1]
        Federal Legislation and Groundwater Development. Panel Presentation to National Water Well Association Convention. Atlantic City, New Jersey [1]
        Floods [1]
        Friendly Hands Across the Border. Speech for U.S. Bypass Drain Groundbreaking at the Morelos Dam [1]
        Future Role of Desalting for Water Quality Improvement. Remarks at the Colorado River Basin, USA International Desalting and Environmental Association. Washington, D.C [1]
        Glen Canyon Project [1]
        Grand Coulee Dam [1]
        Green River [1]
        Heron Dam [1]
        Homecoming to Nebraska, A [1]
        Hoover Dam [1]
        Importance of Water Users Organizations in Federal Water Resource Development, The. Speech to the International Conference on Water for Peace. Washington, D.C. [1]
        Improvement of Irrigation Systems. Speech to Second Irrigation Operations Workshop. Denver, Colorado [1]
        Integrated Operation of Multi-Purpose Reservoirs for Irrigation. Address at the Sixth Congress ICID. New Delhi, India [1]