Ralph L. Parshall (1881-1959) contributed significantly to the field of irrigation engineering by developing a flow-measuring device, the Parshall flume. His archival collection includes correspondence, Parshall's “Venturi-flume water-stage-recording instruments” patent, awards, publications, radio talks, photographic materials, and artifacts. Materials created by Parshall's son, Maxwell Parshall (1907-1996), and Carl Rohwer (1890-1958), a colleague in the Division of Irrigation at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are also part of this collection. For more information please see the finding aid.

This digital collection, with materials dated 1888 to 1992, includes information on Parshall’s flume, radio talks, awards, publications, photographs, lantern slides, a film about measuring snow, and an audio recording by Maxwell Parshall.

Recent Submissions

  • Measuring snow 

    Author(s):United States. Department of Agriculture; Parshall, Maxwell
    Format:photographic film (photographic materials)
    Film follows snow surveyors, including Maxwell Parshall, around as they sample snowpack in unidentified mountainous areas. Footage of the Cache la Poudre River flowing through Poudre Canyon is also present. Film is unedited ...
  • History - CSU, M. Parshall 

    Author(s):Parshall, Maxwell
    Reminiscences of Maxwell Parshall about the history of the Parshall family and information on father Ralph Parshall and other people associated with Colorado State University. Side A, Part 1 - 0:00-7:33 Emigh family history, ...
  • Letters on naming of Parshall flume 

    Author(s):Parshall, Ralph L. (Ralph Leroy), 1881-1959; McCrory, S. H. (Samuel Henry), 1879-; Hinderlider, M. C. (Michael Creed), 1876-1967
    Discussion of whether or not the Improved Venturi flume should be called the Parshall flume.
  • Certificates 

    Date:1913; 1953; 1948
    ASCE diploma, USDA award, and State of Colorado professional engineer certificate.
  • Speech and note from G. H. Palmes on Parshall 

    Format:speeches (compositions)
    Note from G. H. Palmes to Ralph Parshall and speech by Palmes about Parshall's life and career.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture service award 

    Format:certificates; programs
    Ralph Parshall's U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service 30-year service award, congratulatory letter, and awards ceremony booklet.
  • Rohwer well screen correspondence 

    Correspondence between Carl Rohwer, Ivan Wood, and Edward Johnson concerning well screen research.
  • Rohwer/Blaney evapo-transpiration correspondence 

    Correspondence and report regarding the 1925-53 American Geophysical Union's Committee on Evaporation and Transpiration.
  • Professional bibliography R.L. Parshall. General overview of his work 

    Author(s):Parshall, Ralph L. (Ralph Leroy), 1881-1959
    Format:résumés (personnel records)
    Ralph Parshall's professional bibliography.
  • Parshall miscellaneous documents 

    Author(s):Parshall, Ralph L. (Ralph Leroy), 1881-1959; Parshall, Maxwell
    Format:correspondence; newspaper clippings; reports
    Correspondence, photographs, and other documents about or created by Ralph and Max Parshall.
  • Parshall and Carl Rohwer information 

    Format:correspondence; notes (documents)
    Bibliography from National Agricultural Library of all records pertaining to Ralph Parshall, Carl Rohwer, and V. M. Cone.
  • Parshall flume 

    Format:reports; brochures
    Research by Sydney Davis and Victor Hauser concerning Parshall flumes and brochures for "Plasti-fab" fiberglass reinforced polyester Parshall flumes.
  • Parshall flume, exhibit 

    Correspondence concerning an exhibit about Ralph and Max Parshall at CSU's Engineering Research Center.
  • Maxwell Parshall 

    Author(s):Parshall, Maxwell
    Climatological data and reports by Maxwell Parshall at the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • Palmer-Bolus flume 

    Format:notes (documents)
    Information on the Palmer-Bowlus flume, an adaptation of the Venturi flume, used primarily in sewers.
  • Historical information on Max Parshall and Hunter Rouse 

    Author(s):Parshall, Maxwell
    Format:chronologies (lists); notes (documents); brochures
    Documents by or about Maxwell Parshall, Hunter Rouse, and the history of irrigation and civil engineering at Colorado State University.
  • Headgate award 

    Author(s):Parshall, Ralph L. (Ralph Leroy), 1881-1959
    Format:notes (documents)
    A thank you note to Jack Boyd, Harlan Seaworth, and Chuck Johnston upon hearing from Ben King of the receipt of the Head Gate award.
  • Alumni association banquet and ball invitation 

    Invitation to attend the 1913 State Agricultural College alumni banquet and ball.
  • Alumni association certificates 

    Fifty-Year Club and Honorary Life Member certificates from the Alumni Association of Colorado A & M College.
  • Graph. Trends of evapo-transpiration losses from various crops by weeks. 1931 

    Format:photographs; lantern slides
    Graph of evapotranspiration study results for various crops.

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