• #35 Contract, superintendent and miscellaneous 

        Creator(s):Montezuma Valley Irrigation District, publisher; Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company, publisher
        Date:1920; 1946; 1913
        1946 employment contract and amendments for Raymond F. Johnson as superintendent of Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company, 1920 haul contract between the Montezuma Valley Irrigation District and H. H. Emerson and George W. ...
      • #10 Claims for personal and property damage; complaint and answers, other legal papers 

        Creator(s):Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company, publisher
        Date:1926; 1909-1914; 1935-1951
        Format:documents (object genre)
        Court filings, correspondence, and other documents from disagreements over property rights, property damage, and other complaints in which Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company was involved.