After retiring, hydraulic engineer Charles Fisk (1918-2005) researched and drafted a book about the history of Denver's water, The Metro Denver Water Story: A Memoir, published posthumously in 2007. This collection holds research materials related to the history of water use in Denver, with a focus on the South Platte River and the Two Forks project. Material types include photocopies, clippings, drafts, and published books as well as two field books of ditch measurements. For more information, see the finding aid.

This digital collection contains a copy of The Metro Denver Water Story: A Memoir (2007).

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  • Metro Denver water story: a memoir, The 

    Creator(s):Fisk, Charles C., author; Fisk, Micki, author; Fisk, Carolee, author; Taylor, Daniel, author; Phyllis Record of Record Services, Inc., publisher
    Writer's Note -- "This is not just another book about Denver's history, although there is much history in it. I am, or was, an engineer — a rather strange kind of engineer — one who likes to write. I am one of the old water ...