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        Role of scientific evidence in collective action decision-making, The [1]
        Role of sediment in non-point source salt loading within the upper Colorado River Basin: combined completion report [1]
        Role of soil characteristics on temperature sensitivity of soil organic matter, The [1]
        Role of stress-responsive genes in the molt cycle of decapod crustaceans [1]
        Role of the endothelium in modulating sympathetic vasoconstriction in contracting skeletal muscle of young and older adults [1]
        Role of the erythrocyte and subsequent ATP release in blood flow and oxygen delivery to the human forearm during hypoxic exercise, The [1]
        Role of the Froude number in open-channel resistance [1]
        Role of the general circulation in western Pacific tropical cyclone genesis, The [1]
        Role of the human Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein (TCTP) in mitosis, The [1]
        Role of the playground environment on levels of physical activity in elementary school children [1]
        Role of the sympatho-adrenal system in the regulation of peripheral vascular tone in healthy aging humans [1]
        Role of the tropopause in stratospheric-tropospheric exhange processes, The [1]
        Role of the United Nations General Assembly in the norm life cycle, The [1]
        Role of tourism in the sustainable use of wildlife, The [1]
        Role of tributary ground water in irrigated crop production in the South Platte Basin: results from a survey, The [1]
        Role of university quality assurance: observations from a QA professional, The [1]
        Role of vascular hyperpolarization in muscle blood flow regulation in healthy humans [1]
        Role of Water Management in Project Planning. Remarks to the Fifth Annual Western Resources Conference. Fort Collins, Colorado, The [1]
        Role of widland fire in our forests, The [1]
        Role of wildfire and topography in shaping aspen regeneration after the Hayman Fire, CO, USA, The [1]