• XUV-laser induced ablation of PMMA with nano-, pico-, and femtosecond pulses 

        Author(s):Vaschenko, G. O.; Grisham, M. E.; Menoni, C. S.; Rocca, Jorge, J.; Ryc, L.; Feldhaus, J.; Boody, F. P.; Sobierajski, R.; Pelka, J. B.; Andrejczuk, A.; Krzywinski, J.; Stupka, M.; Rus, B.; Präg, A. R.; Polan, J.; Kozlova, M.; Otcenasek, Z.; Krasa, J.; Letal, V.; Chvostova, D.; Bittner, M.; Juha, L.
        Date Issued:2005
        Format:born digital; articles
        For conventional wavelength (UV-vis-IR) lasers delivering radiation energy to the surface of materials, ablation thresholds, etch (ablation) rates, and the quality of ablated structures often differ dramatically between ...