• Crystal data for high-pressure phases of silicon 

        Contributor:Menoni, Carmen S.; Spain, Ian L.; Merkle, Larry D.; Hu, Jing Zhu
        X-ray-diffraction data have been obtained on Si in a diamond anvil cell to pressures of ~50 GPa. Crystallographic data are presented in phase I (cubic, diamond), II (tetragonal, β-Sn),V (simple hexagonal), VII (hexagonal ...
      • X-ray characterization of oriented β-tantalum films 

        Contributor:Birzuela, Fernando; Menoni, Carmen S.; Dummer, Ann M.; Dorhout, Peter K.; Rithner, Christopher D.; McCurdy, Patrick R.; Kohli, Sandeep
        Tantalum (Ta) metal films (10–70 nm) were deposited on a Si(100) substrate with a 500 nm silicon dioxide (SiO2) interlayer by ion-beam assisted sputtering. The as-deposited films have been characterized by X-ray diffraction ...