• 1/ƒ noise for intermittent quantum dots exhibits nonstationarity and critical exponents 

        Author(s):Sadegh, Sanaz; Barkai, Eli; Krapf, Diego
        Date Issued:2014-11
        Format:born digital; ariticles
        The power spectrum of quantum dot (QD) fluorescence exhibits 1/ƒ β noise, related to the intermittency of these nanosystems. As in other systems exhibiting 1/ƒ noise, this power spectrum is not integrable at low frequencies, ...
      • Single molecule fluorescence measurements of complex systems 

        Author(s):Sadegh, Sanaz
        Date Issued:2017
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        Single molecule methods are powerful tools for investigating the properties of complex systems that are generally concealed by ensemble measurements. Here we use single molecule fluorescent measurements to study two different ...