• Implementation of a rapid assessment infrastructure within a hospital's COVID-19 incident command system 

        Author(s):Sills, Marion Ruth; Ogawa, Kaleigh; Bajaj, Lalit; Brumbaugh, David; Cotter, Jillian; Givens, Patricia; Lockwood, Justin; Pemberton, Katherine; Pham, Andrew; Prinzi, Andrea; Rao, Suchitra; Reiter, Pamela D.; Santucci, Kourtney; Stevens, Christina G.; Swanson, Angela; Taylor, Walter M.; White, Carl W.; Grayck, Eva Nozik; Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine; Clinical Effectiveness Team, Children's Hospital Colorado; Patient Care Services, Children's Hospital Colorado; Department of Pharmacy, Children's Hospital Colorado
        Format:posters; research (documents)
        Research poster: "The hospital’s incident command identified a need for rapid evidence assessment to address questions arising within the hospital and the region’s pediatric care system. SAC leadership developed a process ...