• Nanotechnology, ethics and policy education : research and pedagogy 

        Contributor:Mitcham, Carl; Packard, Corinne; Heller, Laura; Hudson, Derrick; Holles, Cortney; Nan, Wang; Qin, Zhu; Delborne, Jason; Schneider, Jennifer J.; Woodson, Sandy
        This panel discussion on the creation of interdisciplinary modules about the social, ethical, environmental, and economic impact of nanotechnology was presented in three parts: the background of federal support for ...
      • Nanotechnology ethics and policy education : learning and sharing across boundaries 

        Contributor:Mitcham, Carl; Packard, Corinne; Holles, Cortney; Rolston, Jessica; Heller, Laura; Hudson, Derrick; Nan, Wang; Qin, Zhu
        This abstract describes the published paper that documents a case study of the emergence and expansive adaptation of the ethics education component of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). The case study began with ...