• Ecosystem Services, Targets, and Indicators for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity 

        Contributor:Perrings, Charles; Naeem, Shahid; Ahrestani, Farshid S.; Bunker, Daniel E.; Burkill, Peter; Canziani, Graciela; Elmqvist, Thomas; Fuhrman, Jed A.; Jaksic, Fabian M.; Kawabata, Zen'ichiro; Kinzig, Ann; Mace, Georgina M.; Mooney, Harold; Prieur-Richard, Anne-Hélène; Tschirhart, John T.; Weisser, Wolfgang
        After the collective failure to achieve the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD's) 2010 target to substantially reduce biodiversity losses, the CBD adopted a plan composed of five strategic goals and 20 "SMART" ...