• Horizontal deposition of polystyrene colloids for enhanced light trapping in solar cells 

        Contributor:Omkamoto, Kento; Wu, Ning; Ma, Fuduo
        Motivations: A majority of solar cells base their materials off of silicon wafers about 180-300 microns in thickness due to it being very cost efficient in the market. However, when the thickness of silicon wafers are ...
      • Scalable nanoparticle arrays for thin-film solar cells 

        Contributor:Yeoh, Phoebe; Ma, Fuduo; Wu, Ning
        Thin film solar cells use less material than conventional solar cells, making them a viable option for cheaper solar electricity. Unfortunately, their thinness also hinders them from trapping and absorbing longer light ...
      • Electric-field assembly of colloids with anisotropic interactions 

        Contributor:Ma, Fuduo;
        Date Submitted:2015
        Assembly of colloidal particles has been a hot research topic for past two decades. Scientifically, these studies have significantly enriched our fundamental understanding in the physics of soft materials, including crystal ...