• Pagosa Springs Conservation Action Plan 2011 update 

        Author(s):Neely, Betsy; Lyon, Peggy; Panjabi, Susan Spackman; Kuhn, Bernadette
        Date Issued:2011?
        Format:born digital; reports
      • Denver wetlands: wet & wild in the city 

        Author(s):Smith, Pam; Kuhn, Bernadette; Holfelder, Kirstin
        Date Issued:2015
        Format:born digital; brochures
        Brochure provides information about urban wetlands in Denver including Parkfield Lake Natural Area, Westerly Creek and Bear Creek Park.
      • Vegetation sampling of Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat, Comanche National Grassland 

        Author(s):Kuhn, Bernadette; Decker, Karin; Rondeau, Renée Jane; Grunau, Lee
        Date Issued:2012
        Format:born digital; reports
        Colorado Natural Heritage Program ecologists and USFS personnel conducted vegetation sampling at the Comanche National Grassland in 2012 in order to assess vegetation on potential Lesser Prairie Chicken (LEPC) habitat. The ...
      • Climate change vulnerability assessment for rare plants of the San Juan Region of Colorado 

        Author(s):Grunau, Lee; Rondeau, Renée Jane; Kuhn, Bernadette; Handwerk, Jill
        Date Issued:2014-05
        Format:born digital; reports
        The 5 million-acre San Juan Region lies in southwest Colorado and is considered part of the Four Corners area. The Colorado Natural Heritage Program tracks 122 plant species within this region. Recently published climate ...
      • Evaluating wetland condition in urban Denver 

        Author(s):Smith, Gabrielle; Kuhn, Bernadette; Smith, Pam; Sueltenfuss, Jeremy; Anderson, David
        Date Issued:2014-09
        Format:born digital; motion pictures (visual works); digital moving image formats; presentations (communicative events)
        Denver's urban wetlands are poorly mapped, understudied as critical wildlife habitat, and perpetually subject to frequent anthropogenic disturbance. As Denver County continues to lead the state in population growth, current ...
      • Survey and assessment of critical urban wetlands: City and County of Denver 

        Author(s):Smith, Pam; Kuhn, Bernadette; Uhing, Kelly; Polonsky, Alan
        Date Issued:2015-06
        Format:born digital; reports
        The basin-wide projects and this current study have two major components: digital wetland mapping and field-based assessments. Digital National Wetland Inventory (NWI) maps are created by digitizing existing paper maps or ...