• Scanning mechanism based on a programmable liquid crystal display 

        Author(s):Marconi, Mario Carlo; Iemmi, C.; La Mela, C.; Capeluto, M. G.
        Date Issued:2004
        Format:born digital; articles
        In this work we propose a new robust optoelectronic scanning system for scanning microscopy. The device is based on a programmable liquid crystal television display (LCTV) that acts as a pixel-by-pixel controlled pure phase ...
      • Table top nanopatterning with extreme ultraviolet laser illumination 

        Author(s):Attwood, D. T.; Chao, W.; Anderson, E. H.; Iemmi, C.; Rocca, J. J.; Menoni, C. S.; Patel, D.; Marconi, Mario Carlo; Wachulak, P.; Capeluto, M. G.
        Date Issued:2007
        Format:born digital; articles
        Patterning with extreme ultraviolet light generated by a compact, bright laser source operating at a wavelength of 46.9 nm is demonstrated using two complementary approaches: multiple beam interferometric lithography and ...