• Expert survey data on key challenges, drivers, and ecosystem services across mountains worldwide 

        Author(s):Klein, J. A.; Tucker, C. M.; Nolin, A. W.; Hopping, K. A.; Reid, R. S.; Steger, C.; Grêt-Regamey, A.; Lavorel, S.; Müller, B.; Yeh, E. T.; Boone, R. B.; Bougeron, P.; Bustic, V.; Castellanos, E.; Chen, X.; Dong, S. K.; Greenwood, G.; Keiler, M.; Marchant, R.; Seidl, R.; Spies, T.; Thorn, J.; Yager, K.; Abbott, M.; Bowser, G.; Carpenter, C.; Cumming, G. S.; Evangelista, P.; Fernandez-Gimenez, M. E.; Flint, C. G.; Forbes, B. C.; Gerkey, D.; Ghate, R.; Ghorbani, M.; Haider, L. J.; Karna, B.; Kulbhushan, K.; Leisz, S. J.; Martín-López, B.; Nakileza, B. R.; Price, M. F.; Savchuk, D.; Šmid Hribar, M.; Sproles, E.; Suryawanshi, K. R.; Taber, A.; Tappeiner, U.; Tevzadze, G.; Ueno, K.
        Date Issued:2019
        Format:ZIP; CSV; CSS; HTML; XLSX; PDF; XML
        Mountain social-ecological systems (MtSES) are vital to humanity, providing ecosystem services to over half the planet's human population. Despite their importance, there has been no global assessment of threats to MtSES, ...