• Columbia "gems" of the records 

        Contributor:Oliver, Earle; Gott, Tommy; Abbot, Larry; Smith, Lucien; Selvin, Ben; Bonnel, Ed; Samone, Bob; Stillwell, Ray; Stump, Everett; Potter, Fred; Davis, Merrit; Gresh, Earl; Bourne, Edward; Owen, William; Snead, Tom; Hansen, Norman; Crain, Malcom; Thomas, George; Melton, James; Sargent, Kenny; Bailey, Cecil; Richards, Newton; McNeary, Ray; Craig, Francis; Binford, Ken; Hill, Herb; Adams, Powell; Wolf, John; Edwards, Austin; Freitag, C.; Petrillo, C.; Kramer, Roy; Crandall, Russ; Kooden, Harold; Stokes, Harold; Roberts, Earle; Armer, Al; Kelly, Peacock; Ahola, Sylvester; Philburn, Al; Warren, Earl; Wall, Phil; Smeck, Roy; Faberman, Hymie; Mosiello, Mike; McConville, Leo; Kelly, Earl; Dorsey, Jimmy; Moyer, Ken; Adler, Rudy; Johnston, Jimmy; Oliwitz, P.; Rich, Fred; Hansen, Jack; Manhattan Dance Makers; Earl Gresh and his Gangplank Orchestra; Francis Craig and his Orchestra; Art Kahn and his Orchestra; Paul Specht and his Orchestra; The Knickerbockers; Al Handler and his Orchestra; Fred Rich and his Orchestra; Paul Ash and his Orchestra
        Date Issued:1973
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