• Dynamic Economic Analysis of the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic, A 

        Contributor:Sims, C.; Aadland, David; Finnoff, David C.
      • Equity Basis Selection in Allocation Environments : An Empirical Analysis 

        Contributor:Aadland, David
        Successful formation and long-term stability of cooperative ventures is often linked to the perceived fairness of the cost and resource allocations that these ventures employ. Indeed, the lack of a consensus over what basis ...
      • Syphilis Cycles 

        Contributor:Aadland, David; Finnoff, David C.; Huang, Kevin X. D.
        Syphilis has re-emerged as a global public health issue. In lesser developed countries, millions of people are contracting the disease, which can be fatal without access to proper treatment. In developed countries, prevalence ...