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        Investigating links between climate perturbations, river discharge variability and fluvial fans in the Paleogene San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA [1]
        Investigating links between family factors and adolescent authenticity [1]
        Investigating mitotic vulnerabilities that arise upon oncogenic cell transformation [1]
        Investigating molecular interactions contributing to self-assembly on ultrafast time scales with two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy [1]
        Investigating molecular pathways controlling resistance to obesity and NAFLD in plin2-null mice [1]
        Investigating new protein components of the endocytic machinery in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
        Investigating nitrate uptake and transient storage in headwater streams among gradients of geomorphic complexity, land use, and restoration techniques [1]
        Investigating plasma modifications and gas-surface reactions of TiO2-based materials for photoconversion [1]
        Investigating policy tools and variables to support collaborative governance and collective learning: a programmatic assessment of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program [1]
        Investigating potential groundwater outflows: Cottonwood sub-basin, Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA [1]
        Investigating regulators of the alternative pathway of complement and the modulatory role of Factor H and Factor H-related proteins [1]
        Investigating Relationships Between Measures of Teacher Quality and School Context in Colorado: A Multilevel Moderated Mediation Analysis [1]
        Investigating resistance and the rapid response to glyphosate in giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida L.) [1]
        Investigating self-compassion and meaning in life as facilitators of chronic disease management [1]
        Investigating Sensorimotor Circuits to Understand How the Brain Generates Different Sounds Used in Vocal Communication [1]
        Investigating temperature effects on ionic liquids with FTIR spectroscopy [1]
        Investigating the Ability of Bhutanese Teachers to Understand and Carry Out Action Research in Teaching [1]
        Investigating the biochemistry and genetics of chrysolaminarin metabolism in a model marine diatom [1]
        Investigating the biosynthetic mechanisms of the brevianamides & penicimutamides through the total synthesis of secondary metabolites [1]
        Investigating the carbonate-shale facies transition and deposition on the Scandinavian Ordovician Shelf – the Arnestad Formation, southern Norway [1]