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        Use of conditional convergence between economies to estimate steady state incomes within economies, The [1]
        Use of cone-beam computed tomography to characterize urinary bladder variations and optimize delivery of radiation therapy for canine bladder cancer [1]
        Use of coordinating solvents in gold cluster synthesis, The [1]
        Use of core and borehole image logs in a 3D model of the Cepo/Powder Mountain area, Washakie Basin, Wyoming, The [1]
        Use of corrective inserts to improve characteristics of the 100 ton shale storage bins [1]
        Use of developmental speech and language training through music to enhance quick incidental learning in children with autism spectrum disorders, The [1]
        Use of diffusion multiples to explore the Co-Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni high entropy system, The [1]
        Use of electrodialysis in soil phosphorus studies, The [1]
        Use of fecal and serum estradiol analysis for estimation of pregnancy status in the mare [1]
        Use of fluorescent immunohistochemistry to investigate NF-κB involvement in brain pathologies [1]
        Use of GIS as a real time decision support system for irrigation districts [1]
        Use of GIS modeling techniques as a planning tool for establishment of wetlands as nitrate and pesticide removal facilities [1]
        Use of global datasets for downscaling soil moisture with the EMT+VS model [1]
        Use of gravel armorplate in drop structure design [1]
        Use of human monoclonal antibodies to study the structure and function of the West Nile virus prM protein, The [1]
        Use of hydrological models in water design project in Turkmenistan [1]
        Use of immune activated cellular therapy and risks with antibiotic administration in treatment of septic arthritis [1]
        Use of information technology to support integrated water resources management implementation [1]
        Use of innovative techniques to optimize the residence time distribution of drinking water contact tanks [1]
        Use of intrinsic variables in geographical reconnaissances of small areas, The [1]