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        Using needs analysis as a tool for ESP curriculum alignment [1]
        Using nonlinear geostatistical models for soil salinity and yeild management [1]
        Using operational HMS smoke observations to gain insights on North American smoke transport and implications for air quality [1]
        Using operational risk to increase systems engineering effectiveness [1]
        Using oscillations to detect capillary condensation in MCM-41 [1]
        Using participatory action research methods to create nutrition education that sustainably improves diet diversity through women's empowerment [1]
        Using passive seismic data from multiple sensors for predicting earth dam and levee erosion [1]
        Using perceived norms to predict heavy alcohol use among college students: implications for social norms marketing campaigns [1]
        Using phenomenology and critical whiteness to understand the experiences of white college-student social-justice allies and their interactions and relationships with anti-inclusive family and friends [1]
        Using plant canopy temperature to improve irrigated crop management [1]
        Using pocket science to learn together on the Uncompahgre Plateau [1]
        Using poppy oil for energy in Afghanistan: a life cycle assessment and diffusion of innovations approach toward sustainable livelihood development [1]
        Using population ecology to advance stream community assembly [1]
        Using power imbalances to differentiate between forms of family violence [1]
        Using remote sensing and GIS techniques for studying irrigation performance of Palo Verde Irrigation District [1]
        Using remotely sensed fluorescence and soil moisture to better understand the seasonal cycle of tropical grasslands [1]
        Using ReSET model to estimate the evapotranspiration of the irrigated crops in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado [1]
        Using risk to inform overtopping protection decisions [1]
        Using RiverWare as a real time river systems management tool [1]
        Using RMS amplitudes from forward seismic-reflectivity modeling of channelized deep-water slope deposits to inform stratigraphic interpretation and sub-seismic scale architecture, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Patagonia, Chile [1]