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        Users' perspectives of clinical utility of the Daily Experiences of Pleasure, Productivity and Restoration Profile in a caregiver support group [1]
        Uses and gratification study of public radio audiences, A [1]
        Uses of quantitative spatial analysis and epidemiological simulation modeling for assessing control strategies for foot-and-mouth disease [1]
        USFS controlled burn [4]
        USFS sensitive species of Colorado [1]
        USGS National Earthquake Center [2]
        Ushering in participatory democracy on cyber waves of change? The possibilities of an interactive White House [1]
        Using a change-detection task to simulate divided perception and its effects on recognition memory for objects [1]
        Using a computable general equilibrium model to explore economic impacts of agglomeration economies on wages in northern Colorado [1]
        Using a geo-statistical approach for soil salinity and yield management [1]
        Using a surface energy balance model to calculate spatially distributed actual ET [1]
        Using a systematic mapping review to examine equine-assisted activities and therapies for people with mental health through an occupational therapy lens [1]
        Using adaptive sampling and triangular meshes for the processing and inversion of potential field data [1]
        Using AFM to find evidence of conformal monolayers [1]
        Using an ADCP to determine canal seepage losses in the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District [1]
        Using an innovative revetment for overtopping protection of levees and dams [1]
        Using an integrated approach to utilizing center pivots for livestock waste management [1]
        Using an integrated hydrology model to elucidate plant water use in a headwaters research catchment [1]
        Using antimony as a model anode to study the chemical and mechanical stability of electrodes in Li-ion and next generation batteries [1]
        Using audio cues to support motion gesture interaction on mobile devices [1]