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        Role of tributary ground water in irrigated crop production in the South Platte Basin: results from a survey, The [1]
        Role of university quality assurance: observations from a QA professional, The [1]
        Role of urbanization in resilience of communities under flood risk, The [1]
        Role of vascular hyperpolarization in muscle blood flow regulation in healthy humans [1]
        Role of whiteness in access disparities in college counseling services, The [1]
        Role of widland fire in our forests, The [1]
        Role of wildfire and topography in shaping aspen regeneration after the Hayman Fire, CO, USA, The [1]
        Role of wind energy in agriculture: a cooperative's point of view, The [1]
        Role of wintertime radiation in maintaining and destroying stable layers, The [1]
        Role of women's identification with math and academic major in women's susceptibility to stereotype threat and stereotype lift, The [1]
        Role of youth adventure programs for shaping a conservation ethic, The [1]
        Role of α/β hydroxylase domain containing protein 2 in stallion sperm activation [1]
        Roles and issues of water users' associations for sustainable irrigation and drainage in the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan in Central Asia [1]
        Roles of barrier location for effective debris flow mitigation: assessment using DAN3D [1]
        Roles of host autophagy in human papillomavirus entry [1]
        Roles of interferon stimulated genes in Human papillomavirus infection and cancer progression [1]
        Roles of iron, the infrapatellar fat pad, and dietary factors in the Hartley guinea pig model of spontaneous osteoarthritis, The [1]
        Roles of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation in morphology and performance of an invasive species in a novel habitat, The [1]
        Roles of residue management, microbes and aggregation in soil carbon stabilization under semiarid, irrigated corn [1]
        Roll Away Saloon: cowboy tales of the Arizona strip, The [1]