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        Evolution [2]
        Evolution and plasticity of Trinidadian guppies in the field, the laboratory, and the classroom [1]
        Evolution and structure of composite meso-alpha-scale convective complexes, The [1]
        Evolution of 'earlessness' in the true Toad family (Bufonidae), The [1]
        Evolution of a Random Vortex Filament, The [1]
        Evolution of ceramic production organization in a Maya community, The [1]
        Evolution of common resource tenure and governing: evidence from pastureland in Mongolia Plateau [1]
        Evolution of community structure in the system of global environmental governance [1]
        Evolution of Expressionism in turn-of-the-century Vienna: Klimt and Schiele, The [1]
        Evolution of hydrothermal Au-bearing quartz-pyrite veins and mineralization processes in Central City, CO [1]
        Evolution of hydrothermal fluids from the deep porphyry environment to the shallow epithermal environment, The [1]
        Evolution of Indonesian art, The [1]
        Evolution of large arroyos: the Rio Puerco of New Mexico [1]
        Evolution of magmatic-hydrothermal systems below boiling conditions : evidence from the Çöpler Au-Cu deposit, east central Turkey [1]
        Evolution of mesoscale convective systems over mountainous terrain [1]
        Evolution of minibasin stratigraphy adjacent to the Pine Ridge salt diapir ; Paradox Basin SE Utah [1]
        Evolution of mutations associated with pyrethroid resistance and the reversal of resistance in Aedes aegypti [1]
        Evolution of orogenic blocking [1]
        Evolution of pre-service biology teachers' attitudes towards STEM integration due to intervention in methods I and II, The [1]
        Evolution of precipitation structures within mesoscale convective systems [1]