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        Effects of temperature and moisture on alpine microbial processes across a gradient of soil development, The [1]
        Effects of terrain on temporal changes in susceptibility of debris flows and associated hydrogeomorphic processes after forest harvesting [1]
        Effects of the addition of boron – nitride nanoplatelets to hydroxyapatite: processing, testing, and characterization [1]
        Effects of the High Park fire on Cache la Poudre drinking water quality, The [1]
        Effects of the histone chaperone and histone modifications on nucleosome structure, The [1]
        Effects of thermal processing variations on microstructure and high cycle fatigue of beta-STOA Ti-6Al-4V [1]
        Effects of thermally-induced fractures on EGS performance [1]
        Effects of thermomechanical processing and annealing on the microstructural evolution and stress corrosion cracking of alloy 690, The [1]
        Effects of time and temperature during melanging on the volatile profile of dark chocolate [1]
        Effects of trace mineral supplementation, trace mineral source, growth implants, and induced morbidity on performance, trace mineral status, immune function, carcass characteristics, and lipid metabolism in steers [1]
        Effects of transmembrane hydraulic pressure on the performance of forward osmosis membranes, The [1]
        Effects of truncation on dependence in hydrological time series [1]
        Effects of two different dietary sources of omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids fatty acids on insulin sensitivity, and incorporation into the plasma, red blood cell, and muscle cell in horses [1]
        Effects of two-stage weaning with nose flaps applied to calves on cow performance, calf performance, carcass quality, calf humoral immune response, and fertility [1]
        Effects of ultra-violet light on various fungi [1]
        Effects of undergraduate leadership experiences on leadership efficacy [1]
        Effects of undocumented immigration on the employment opportunities of low skill natives in the United States, The [1]
        Effects of urbanization and road development on carnivores in southern California, The [1]
        Effects of urbanization on felid populations, interactions, and pathogen dynamics, The [1]
        Effects of urbanization on the hydrologic regimes and geomorphic stability of small streams in southern California [1]