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        Novel approaches in the treatment for glioblastoma multiforme [1]
        Novel bimetallic catalysts for use in anion exchange membrane fuel cells [1]
        Novel design methodology for osseointegrated implants and the effects of heat-treatment on shape setting nitinol foil, A [1]
        Novel direct shear apparatus to evaluate internal shear strength of geosynthetic clay liners for mining applications, A [1]
        Novel extracellular products of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: composition, synthesis, and relevance to disease [1]
        Novel fouling resistant magnetically-responsive membranes for treatment of impaired water [1]
        Novel in silico-designed SMYD3 inhibitors eliminate unrestrained proliferation of breast carcinoma cells [1]
        Novel in vitro approaches to delineate prion strain conformational variation [1]
        Novel infrared spectroscopic techniques for the study of adsorbed proteins on photoactive thin films [1]
        Novel insights into protein synthesis rates in the brain following two lifespan-extending treatments [1]
        Novel insights into the evolution and variation of sequences encoding DUF1220 protein domains [1]
        Novel integrity monitoring techniques for high-pressure membranes (nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) [1]
        Novel intuitive human-robot interaction using 3D gaze [1]
        Novel k-distribution parameters development system and its application to MAS/SUCCESS channels, A [1]
        Novel laser ignition technique using dual-pulse pre-ionization [1]
        Novel luminescent nanosensors and their applications in quantifying and monitoring analyte gradients in bacterial biofilms [1]
        Novel mechanisms of quinone toxicity [1]
        Novel method for rapid in vitro radiobioassay, A [1]
        Novel methods for infrared spectroelectrochemical characterization of hydrogenase films [1]
        Novel methods to quantify aleatory and epistemic uncertainty in high speed networks [1]