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        Determination of Pristine Margin in F-RAM using the Sectional Shmoo [1]
        Determination of seismic anisotropy parameters from multicomponent vertical seismic profiles for improved seismic imaging and reservoir characterization [1]
        Determination of seismic performance factors for cross laminated timber shear wall system based on FEMA P695 methodology [1]
        Determination of snow depth and water equivalent by remote sensing [1]
        Determination of subsurface water movement using self-potential measurements [1]
        Determination of the composition and temperature dependencies of thermal conductivity factors for Green River oil shale, A [1]
        Determination of the conditions necessary for slope failure of a deep-seated landslide at Woodway, Washington [1]
        Determination of the functions of Rab32, Rab38, and their effector Myosin Vc in the biogenesis of melanosomes [1]
        Determination of the non-recrystallization temperature (TNR) in multiple microalloyed steels [1]
        Determination of the roughness coefficient of three sections of 2-inch polyvinyl chloride pipe [1]
        Determination of the Subcellular Location of Spermidine Synthase, The [1]
        Determination of the thermal conductivity of sands under varying moisture, drainage/wetting, and porosity conditions - applications in near-surface soil moisture distribution analysis [1]
        Determination of the uncertainty in excavated volume estimation from slurry shield tunnel boring machines used on the Queens Bored East Side Access tunneling project [1]
        Determination of tropical cyclone surface pressure and winds from satellite microwave data [1]
        Determination of urban watershed response time [1]
        Determination of wind chill on a life-sized clothed Copper Man [1]
        Determination of XUV optical constants by reflectometry using a high-repetition rate 46.9-nm laser [1]
        Determine quality from pea solid readings: research reveals nutritional value of beet greens [1]
        Determing the efficacy of Poloxamer 188 (P188) in meniscal damage prevention [1]
        Determining an efficient extension course on ignition, carburetion, and service testing [1]