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        Experimental investigation of fundamental viscosity, density, and leaching characteristics of sodium-iron-silicate slags [1]
        Experimental investigation of gas hydrate formation, plugging and transportability in partially dispersed and water continuous systems [1]
        Experimental investigation of heaterless hollow cathode ignition, An [1]
        Experimental investigation of proppant transport and behavior in horizontal wellbores using low viscosity fluids [1]
        Experimental investigation of recovering gold from maghemite-rich magnetic concentrates by roasting [1]
        Experimental investigation of recycling rare earth elements from waste fluorescent lamp phosphors [1]
        Experimental investigation of small watershed floods [3]
        Experimental investigation of small watershed floods: completion report [1]
        Experimental investigation of the shape and location of the solidus of the ternary alloy lead-tin-bismuth, An [1]
        Experimental investigation of wind effects on long-span slender bridges with stochastic traffic flow [1]
        Experimental investigations for improving the accuracy of flow measurement in irrigation canals [1]
        Experimental measurement and numerical modeling of multiphase flow in Middle Bakken [1]
        Experimental measurements and numerical modeling of high velocity multiphase non-Darcy flow effects in porous media [1]
        Experimental methods of flowsheet development for hard drive recycling by preferential degradation and physical separation [1]
        Experimental Mine tunnel [1]
        Experimental objective analysis in the tropics, An [1]
        Experimental quantification of bulk sampling volume of ECH₂O soil moisture sensors [1]
        Experimental rainfall-runoff facility, An [1]
        Experimental realization of two-isotope collision-assisted Zeeman cooling [1]
        Experimental restoration treatments for burn pile fire scars in conifer forests of the Front Range, Colorado [1]