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        Dynamic nature of ligand layers on gold nanoclusters, The [1]
        Dynamic profiles of health habits in children: what, where, when intra-programs [1]
        Dynamic range optimization with optical nanosensors [1]
        Dynamic representation of consecutive-ones matrices and interval graphs [1]
        Dynamic reservoir characterization using 4D multicomponent seismic data and rock physics modeling at Delhi field, Louisiana [1]
        Dynamic resource allocation heuristics for maximizing robustness with an overall makespan constraint in an uncertain environment [1]
        Dynamic resource allocation heuristics that manage tradeoff between makespan and robustness [1]
        Dynamic resource management heuristics for minimizing makespan while maintaining an acceptable level of robustness in an uncertain environment [1]
        Dynamic resource management in heterogeneous systems: maximizing utility, value, and energy-efficiency [1]
        Dynamic response of a heat exchanger with uniform wall heat flux, The [1]
        Dynamic response of a laminar flow heat exchanger, The [1]
        Dynamic response of pressure transmission lines to pulse input: technical report [1]
        Dynamic small strain behavior of microbially stabilized soil [1]
        Dynamic structural analysis of ramming in bighorn sheep [1]
        Dynamic water routing using a predictor-corrector method with sediment routing [1]
        Dynamical modeling of marine boundary layer convection [1]
        Dynamical theory for hurricane spiral bands, A [1]
        Dynamically mapping tasks with priorities and multiple deadlines in a heterogeneous environment [1]
        Dynamics and fragmentation of van der Waals clusters: (H2O)n, (CH3OH)n, and (NH3)n upon ionization by a 26.5 eV soft x-ray laser [1]
        Dynamics and parameterization of stably stratified turbulence: implications for estimates of mixing in geophysical flows [1]