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        V/W-band satellite communication systems [1]
        Vaccination of white-tailed deer with Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette-Guerin: efficacy, immunology, and molecular detection [1]
        Vaccination strategies for a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in southwest Kansas [1]
        Valeur dans la nature et la nature de la valeur, La [1]
        Validating and implementing the informal learning behavior scale [1]
        Validation and evaluation of commercially available compounds for use as beef and pork antimicrobial interventions [1]
        Validation of a geographic information system predictive habitat model for burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) at US Army, Dugway Proving Ground [1]
        Validation of Cropflex: a crop management program [1]
        Validation of emission rate estimation methods, The [1]
        Validation of HPP pathogen destruction for use in raw pet food [1]
        Validation of smart device-based assessment of sit-to-stand [1]
        Validity and reliability of a test of environmental supportiveness [1]
        Validity of the AMPS for children and adolescents [1]
        Valkyrie and the matron, The: images of women in Old Norse culture and society [1]
        Valley bottom extraction tool results for Colorado River Basin [1]
        Valuable utilization of spray dryer ash and its performance in structural concrete [1]
        Valuation and risk models: value at risk [1]
        Valuation of freshwater resources and sustainable management in poverty dominated areas [1]
        Value and role of food labels, The: three essays examining information flows in the food system for experience and credence attributes [1]
        Value at risk I [1]