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        M-CSF and GM-CSF influence naïve murine alveolar macrophage differentiation and function in vitro [1]
        Macalister Irrigation District, Australia [1]
        MacGregor Ranch - Emergency Supplemental Funds [1]
        MacGregor Ranch - Emergency Supplemental Grant Application [1]
        Machine learned boundary definitions for an expert's tracing assistant in image processing [1]
        Machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to the analysis of physical activity from wearables and biosensors in clinical trials: applications of clustering and prediction of clinical outcomes [1]
        Machine learning for computer aided programming: from stochastic program repair to verifiable program equivalence [1]
        Machine learning methods to discover patterns in microbially driven soil carbon sequestration [1]
        Machine learning methods to facilitate optimal water allocation and management in irrigated river basins to comply with water law [1]
        Machine learning models applied to storm nowcasting [1]
        Machine learning models towards elucidating the plant intron retention code [1]
        Machine learning techniques for energy optimization in mobile embedded systems [1]
        Machine learning-based fusion studies of rainfall estimation from spaceborne and ground-based radars [1]
        Machine scoring of student essays: truth and consequences [1]
        Machine stitched [1]
        Machu Picchu: its engineering infrastructure [1]
        Maci Hass: capstone [1]
        Mackenzie Millar: capstone [1]
        Macroinvertebrate and microbial community responses to metal stress as measures of ecological recovery of a restored headwater stream [1]
        Macroinvertebrates of the Pawnee site [1]